Thursdays are one of my favorite days of the week. Anyone who has been around me long enough knows that I call them Friday Eve. Like Christmas Eve, but it happens weekly. This week since I’m waiting for my next assignment from the temp agency, I’m working on cleaning the house. I tackled the bathroom Monday. Tuesday was the first floor. I swept and mopped. Today I’m working on cleaning up my bedroom. It’s been a mess for a while.

I got up and made the bed this morning already. That’s a huge thing for me. I don’t normally make the bed. It’s not that I don’t like to. I like it when it’s made. The room looks cleaner. I just get up and get busy doing other things so I forget to make it. I put away the air mattress. Calliegh was sleeping on it until we got her futon. FedEx delivered it and we put it together yesterday and then went in the pool. Next is putting away the clean clothes piled everywhere, straightening out the bedside tables, my desk, and sweeping and mopping up here.

Dinner is in the crock pot. We’re having BBQ pulled chicken for dinner. McCormick Slow Cooker BBQ Pulled Chicken seasoning mix is amazing. We’ve been making chicken this way for a long time. It makes the whole house smell amazing. I already planned tomorrow’s dinner. Another crock pot meal. When it’s hot, I don’t want to turn on the oven or stand over a hot stove. I found this recipe for Cheesy Stuffed Pepper Casserole on Pinterest and decided to give it a try. The only thing I’m changing is the cooking method. No oven for this girl! Oh yeah, and we’re skipping the corn. I don’t do corn. But I think I’ll pick up a few ears for the rest of the family. They like corn on the cob.

Pepperoni Pizza Pasta Salad with italian dressing recipe.jpgI made a pineapple upside down cake the other day. It’s almost gone. It was sooooo good. I think I’ll have to get the stuff to make another one. Here’s the link to the recipe I followed. I need to figure out what we’re having for dinner on Friday. Kelly at Mostly Homemade Mom posted a delicious looking Pepperoni Pizza Pasta salad today. Doesn’t it look amazing? That may be part of dinner, along with some corn on the cob and maybe beer brats? We’ll see what Randy thinks.

Back to cleaning!


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